We at YOU ARE FULL OF IT.com have no bones about saying that most psychics, if not all of them, need to be locked up. This is one of the biggest scam industries polluting our world. Why do we allow people like this to have television commercials, or breath air? We don't have an answer. There is no real evidence to support any claims of psychic phenomena!

You can find a psychic for your pets, your plants, and even on the police force. Now being a psychic has even become a respectable profession. What has our world come to? WE need REAL people in the world solving REAL problems. We don't need hoaxsters!

Psychics are phonies that are taking your money. They are terrorists, and leeches. These people are performing parlor tricks that are costing people tons of money. We think that they need to just go away, get real jobs, and do something productive in society. Psychics, you all need to be ashamed of yourselves. We need to solve problems in our world, and you are not helping! You are getting rich by preying off of the innocent people around you that are in need of real assistance. There is no excuse for shysters performing false services for real money! In the words of Charlton Heston "Damn You All to Hell". Psychics...............YOU ARE FULL OF IT!



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