Way back in the 1930's, someone took a picture of a dinosaur like object that was poking it's head out of the water. This again was a blurry picture, but what it appeared to be was the Loch Ness Monster, the fabled monster that looms the great Loch Ness in Scotland. No one could be sure, but extensive scientific research by "experts" say that it could have been real. How much were these experts paid? We don't know.


Every since this picture was taken, drunks and loonies (I mean respectable human beings) have been hunting for this creature. As a note, it is rumored that the man who took the photo confessed that it was a hoax on his deathbed. But I am sure the Nessie believers believe that he was just lying to keep from getting abducted by aliens.

What is truely amazing, is why does anyone give a crap about the Loch Ness Monster! These people are wasting resources and money looking for a giant fish! Who cares! Solve some real problems! Loch Ness Monster Hunters..........YOU ARE FULL OF IT!



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