Okay, here is where many people draw the line. Ghosts are reported by many people all over the world. Many people believe in a spirit world of some kind. But the other thing that we know is that ghosts are big business, especially on TV.

We here at YOU ARE FULL OF IT.com find it very disturbing that ghost hunting has become an accepted and normal part of everyday culture, and people are paying money to have their houses rid of ghosts. What a bunch of baloney!

It is a real shame that we have sunk to such a level in our culture to be more obsessed with ghosts, than with helping the "living" solve real problems.


To ghost hunters around the world, we shout out a big BOOO! and a BAH HUMBUG to you! Why don't you do something that makes a difference in the world instead?! You are praying on innocent people that have need for real help in there lives. Why don't you let doctors and counselors do the real work, and you can all go back to your bongs, and magic crystals. Even if there are ghosts, who cares. We have real problems in the world dealing with the living. We don't need to be concerned with the spirit world. ......................Jinkies! it's a g-g-g-ghost!



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