At YOU ARE FULL OF IT.com, we like to have fun ripping on people, but here is where we draw the line. Cults, are dangerous and far too common in our society. Some people such as David Koresh and Jim Jones, have even led their believers to certain death at the hands of their crazy ideas

Cult leaders do not have their followers interests in mind. They only have their greed and need for control to feed their mission. Here at YOU ARE FULL OF IT.com, we are on a mission to educate people Parents. Do not let your children be into any religion that you have not researched personally.

Below are some links to some famous (and not so famous) nutjob organizations all over the world. Some are commonly accepted relligions, but we still think that these people are full of it!

If you spend more than two minutes on any of these sites, or they peak your interest, you need to be ashamed of yourself, and go suck and egg!

If you are SMART, and SANE, you will just look at these links quick and right them down on a list of dangerous people to stay away from (some of these people are your friends and neighbors.

HERE is a GOOD resource about cults. There are many more.


bigfoot psychics
lochness cults
ghosts contacts