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We are not going to spending a lot of time elaborating on the either the UFO hoaxes, or the mysterious crop circles that are occuring all over the world. Let us just say here at YOU ARE FULL OF IT.com, we don't believe that aliens travel millions of light years in objects shaped like cigars and pie plates so that they can give us anal probes, mutilate cattle or make funny designs in the grass.These things are hoaxes, and that is that. That is the final word on the subject. The people that are perpetuating these lies need serious mental treatment, and/or are just looking for attention. They should be ashamed of themselves, and should be embarrassed to be alive. UFO hunters, you need to get on medication or turn yourselves in to the authorities. Stop taking blurry pictures of freesbees and go out and do something in your world that makes a difference. YOU ARE ALL FULL OF IT!



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