Some time in the middle of the late 20th Century, a man in the woods took a blurry movie of a what appeared to be a large man in a suit walking in the forest.

He gave this blurry movie to the media, who in turn gave to to some "experts" for analysis. It was determined by many people that it was in fact real movie footage of the mysterious BIGFOOT creature that was fabled to be living all over forrests in this country and all over the world.


No doubt that someone made some money from this footage and now BIGFOOT hunting is big business, attracting loonies (we mean experts) from all over the world. But, we have proof that this footage is just a man in a suit. Just look closer at the footage above, and you will see.

Bigfoot Hunters, find a real purpose in the world! You are wasting people's time and money! DO SOME GOOD FOR THE PLANET INSTEAD!......................YOU ARE FULL OF IT!



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