My name is Thomas Mundahl and I call myself a media wizard. It's a self appointed title. Why do I use this moniker as my official job occupation? Because it's what fits me. Also, as you can see from the header of this site, I've got a pretty crazy sense of humor.

All of my life I have been creative. I've been drawing, playing music, writing plays, scripts, acting, making films, and sinking my teeth into as many creative outlets as I can possible handle. As it turns out, my brain can handle a lot.

It's taken a long time to master skills in art, video, animation, web design, information technology, and music, but I'm a very determined individual. When I set my mind on a goal, I don't rest until I've completed it. I am always working. I never stop. It's what makes me happy, and I LIKE to be happy.

You will find a huge variety of things to enjoy on this site. Please come back to visit often.



Thomas Mundahl


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